These examples are some of my favorite works i've done, not everything. I post most of my work in my Trello so please make sure to check that.




Prices and addons

These are examples of what my prices look like for my 3d Model commissions.
Simple Character designs will start at 800 USD
More complex Character designs will start at 1400USD

Basic 3D model commission and price covers:

  • Complete Model from Scratch, rigged and ready as a .VSFAvatar file. (Hair, Face, Body and Outfit)

  • Textures with additional Maps for Details.

  • physics bones for hair.

  • Shapekeys and Visemes for Vrchat or VSeeFace plus 3 Face expressions; Happy, Sad, Angry.

  • VSeeFace set up package.

  • Updates throughout process through dms!

  • If asked for, Package including Blender project, FBX file, All Textures.

Additional 3D model comission purchases:

  • +200-700USD Extra outfit

  • +100-500USD Weapon/Accessories

  • +150-400USD Mascot/Familiar

  • +200USD for IPhone Tracking

  • +200USD Base model included. (is also needed for future commissions if you want an outfit change)

  • +60-300USD VRChat Setup (depending on complexity)

  • +20USD for a extra Face expression of your choice.

  • + 20-50USD for each new Animation (toggles)

  • +20-50USD for extra Physics depending on Asset.

  • +20%USD Public Discretion(I won't stream/post your model and process)

  • +50%USD NSFW

Some information;

- All Prices are in USD.
- Once we agreed upon everything i expect you to send half the payment upfront. Payment through PayPal.

T.O.S, Rules and other

By commissioning me, DasYoko, you agree to the following T.O.S.

It is important that you read through this document in its entirety.

₍ ᐢ. ̫ .ᐢ ₎


- There is no guarantee that ill accept your commission. I reserve the right to decline any project without providing reason.- You have to be okay with me promoting my work anywhere/however as i wish.- Once i have started with the commission and you choose to stop working with me there will be no refund.- Please no harrassment or rude behaviour, i will stop working with you. Here as well there will be no refund. I have a life outside the internet so please stay patient.- You need to have full rights to the character youre commissioning.- A frontfacing natural pose to work off is required, prefered would be an additional, exactly lined up side view. If you cant provide the right reference i might decline the commission.

Art and Artist Right

- There is no changes after the sign-up. Sign up Sheet needs to include everything and needs to be thought through, i wont add anything after ive started.- I will not be held accountable to change the commission due to unclear or undefined details provided by the client. Charactersheet has to be complete and will be the reference used to make the 3d model. I wont accept word descriptions if charactersheet has missing detail, please contact your artist and fix the charactersheet.- Early revisions and adjustments are possible if within reason. Revisions made after the models completion will cost extra or may not be possible at all. Please let me know early on if there is something you would like me to change.-Ill be using my own, from scratch made base for all commissions. This doesn't include Faces as they're modeled after the reference.-I will only do one extra outfit next to the base outfit to make sure i wont get burned out.- The estimated delivery date may not always be accurate as setbacks can occur. I will notify you if this happens.- My models are not to be sent to any 3rd party for any purpose that involves profit. As example Commissioning a 3rd party to design and make clothes using the model as a base. Legal actions will be taken if my assets are used by anyone other than the person commissioning me. Exceptions include my 3D Technical Artist; Atom500#1256.- I dont allow any MMD/Game Assets on my models. Ask me for details on this please.-You must include credit to me as an artist somewhere on whatever social sites you intend to use the model (ie, credit me in your twitch description please!)- Do not resell models made by me unless we have discussed it beforehand.-My models are not to be used as merchandise or to gain profit outside of streaming and/or any form of content creation.-By commissioning me, you realize that no physical product will be sent to you. You will be receiving a digital product which you can use.-By commissioning me, you agree to the Terms of Service listed.

frequently asked question

Can you port this model into other programs?
I currently only export into VseeFace. I only use FBX files for all my work and deliver either as a unity package or .vsfavatar, i wont go out of my way to learn a new fileformat i wont use. If the Model is wanted to be uploaded into VRChat please text me for details.
Why are your commissions so expensive?
This is my main source of income and i work pretty much everyday around 10 hours on them. The price is reasonable for the time i spend working on each model.
What's the procedure of commissioning you?
I have a sign up sheet that you'll have to fill out in detail so nothing in the commission goes sideways or something is missing in the end, afterwards if i pick your commissions ill be talking you on either one of the social medias you have put in the sing up sheet. Ill be sending you a PayPal Invoice unique to your signup sheet, once half is paid ill start working. Ill be sending updates throughout the process as much as possible. Once the commission is finished i request the rest of the payment before i send the finished product.
Can i get on your waiting list?
I dont do waiting lists, the way i do commissions is as per usual that in the beginning of the month i will open up my commissions and ill choose who and how many ill do that month. I cannot guarantee that you'll get accepted as a comission since it depends on what im comfortable with and also depends on your character, as example ill stay more focused on a character design i enjoy so im more likely to pick it.